The Book of MOJO Animated Pilot – IndieGoGo

The Book of MOJO started out as a self published webcomic. It’s an Urban Fantasy story set in the near future that follows an unlikey duo, “Creepy,” a 13 yr old runaway witch, and Mojo, a 7 foot tall enchanted statue. Creepy wants to learn the deepest secrets of magic to reunite with her father, and Mojo has an unknown, dark origin that threatens both of them.


‘Interaction of Color’ App

The Interaction of Color mobile app for iPad is packed with elegant and innovative features that help you understand the book’s ideas, view the plates, experiment, and create and share your own designs. This interactive edition of one of the most influential books on color ever written offers users an entirely new way to experience Josef Albers’s original masterwork.

The app is free. Click here to download. See the app in action in the following demo video:

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