‘Cthupid’ by Giovanni Braggio

A romantic short film by Giovanni Braggio just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Assistant Animator Giulia Sara Bellunato
Music and Sound Design by Pedro Marques

‘Before Ever After’ is an Incredible Glimpse Into the Origins of Disney Animation

beforeeverI have been meaning to write about this book for a while now, but I’m short on time these days so I’ll keep this brief. Buy this book! It’s an incredible tome of animation knowledge and history. It’s everything that inspired me to start learning about animation: the passion for the craft, the sense of discovery and learning, the drive to push your work further, and so much more. Before Ever After puts you there, in the room, with the artists that shaped this medium into what it is today as they learned from top talent both inside and outside the studio. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. I just hope Don Hahn can release further volumes for us to consume. Check out the official website for the full synopsis.


‘On Ice’ – Trailer & Promo

Google ATAP is back with another short, this time by veteran animation artist, Shannon Tindle, at the helm. The upcoming Spotlight Story tells the story of an over-the-top, sci-fi themed ice show and its star, who suddenly finds he has competition for the spotlight from an unlikely rival.

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