Acting Reference: The Thin Red Line

Here’s a nice clip from The Thin Red Line. I wanted to show this one because I really like how Jim Caviezel’s character moves freely through the scene. Often in animation tests I see characters who feel very planted to the ground. Don’t be afraid to move your characters around! It works great in this scene because their movement fits their characters’ personalities. Sean Penn’s character is more shut off/cold, so he doesn’t move much & stays pretty much in the same spot the whole time. Jim Caviezel’s character is more of a free spirit, so having him constantly walking/not being able to stay still is very fitting.

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‘Tie Fighter’ by Paul Johnson

What if there was an Empire-focussed short Star Wars animation, drawn with the crazy detail and shading of classic 80s anime that’s all but vanished from Japan nowadays?
Well, I tried my best. Apologies in advance for not living up to Venus Wars standards.
Drawn and animated by yours truly over 4 years’ worth of weekends, with music by the living guitar solo Zak Rahman and sound design by up and coming audio technician Joseph Leyva. Fans of Lucasarts’ seminal 1994 TIE Fighter game may notice a few familiar sights and sounds. That “incoming missile” noise gives me horrible flashbacks to this day…

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Paul Johnson