Rosana Sullivan – USF Profile

USF Alumni, Rosana Sullivan, is a storyboard artist at Pixar, where she worked for the past four years on “The Good Dinosaur”. She explains why she switched majors as a senior in college and art’s importance—even in the middle of a tech bubble.

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Between Frames


Between Frames is channel dedicated to looking deeper into the story, style and symbolism of popular cinema.

The series looks at contemporary cinema and analyzes unique subject matter. But it’s not your average Internet video essay. Each episode is a deeper look at one element in one film. It’s refreshing, and a great source of inspiration for animators. Continue reading

Screentakes App

Jennine Lanouette has taken film analysis a step forward with her new Screentakes app and ebooks. You can download a free sample of her analysis of The African Queen by subscribing. Continue reading to see a sample.

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Nerdwriter on Understanding Art

Evan Puschak is writer and film/art enthusiast known online as Nerdwriter. He’s been posting video essays on YouTube covering various topics for the last three years, but what caught my eye is his Understanding Art series. I’ve embedded my favorite episodes below.

If you like the cut of Evan’s jib, consider supporting him via Patreon!

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