Ex Machina – Examining Our Fear of Artificial Intelligence

The Creator’s Project has put together an excellent analysis of the subject matter of Ex-Machina, a film I would put second only to Mad Mad: Fury Road for the year’s best film. The film’s writer and director, Alex Garland, talks about the genesis of the story, character motivations, and his own love story with Ava, the film’s central character. While I don’t recall spoilers, I’d recommend seeing the film before you watch this.

On Story – Alien: Deconstructing a Sci-Fi Classic

It’s amazing that such a wealth of story analysis has slipped my radar for so long. Austin Film Festival has an incredible YouTube library wherein classic films are deconstructed by famous screenwriters to find out what makes them work, and what makes them work well. The series is currently in it’s fifth season. Below is but one episode of the show where veteran screenwriters John August and Ashley Miller break down the sci-fi classic, Alien.

On Animation be sure to keep you up to date with the series as it progresses. Should you want to binge watch every episode like House of Cards, stop by their YouTube page and subscribe.

Duckman – Un-aired Pilot with Commentary

Duckman was one of my favorite shows of the mid-nineties. It really stood out from the pack with it’s noir inspired style, adult themes, incredible voice talent, and twisted humor. Everett Peck, the show’s creator, along with voice talent Gregg Berger, provide the commentary for this un-aired pilot episode. It’s a mish-mash of finished and unfinished shots. In it, Peck talks about the challenges of creating the show, how he changed Duckman’s design after this episode, and many more inspiring topics. Highly recommended!

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