Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse

Steamroller Studios is a new gaming studio comprised of industry vets that have worked on some of the biggest films of the decade. They’ve banded together in service of a singular vision: to create a fully immersive and endlessly entertaining game. This kind of devotion to craft and passion for the arts is truly inspiring. The game will be completed in the near future, however they’ve taken to Kickstarter to gather the resources to create the best possible version of the game. Check it out:

Stop by their Kickstarter page to lend your support.

The Last of Us – IGDA Toronto 2013 Keynote

Neil Druckmann, Creative Director and Writer at Naughty Dog breaks down the evolution of the story behind The Last of Us in the keynote presentation from IGDA Toronto 2013. Listening to how the story adapted based on feedback from the studio’s female staff, as well as the ultimate goal to do away with misogyny in female video game characters altogether, is truly inspiring. The Last of Us has been out long enough that I think it’s safe to share something like this despite all the spoilers it contains, but just in case, you’ve been warned!