“The Mystery Hat” Teaser

Crow, Pig, and Beaver are taking a nice stroll in the woods when they come across a red hat sitting in a puddle. Whose hat is it? What mysterious circumstances could have brought it to this very puddle? Crow thinks that Bear lost the hat when he fell into a giant hole. Perhaps Bear is holding his breath underground, waiting to be saved! Beaver thinks he’s got a better idea. Maybe Turtle, who was wearing the hat, was snatched up and made into yummy turtle soup by a crazed snowman! Can Pig come up with a logical explanation so that the friends can be rid of all these hogwash ideas?

Imaginations run wild in this hilarious picture book from Rune Brandt Bennicke and Jakob Hjort Jensen. The Mystery Hat is sure to get a chuckle from all during the cold winter months.

Movement & Form: The Youssef Drawing Syllabus

Veteran animation artist Samantha Youssef revealed her latest project today, “Movement & Form: The Youssef Drawing Syllabus.” Samantha writes,

“This is the complete first book of my figure drawing program, focusing on techniques of gesture drawing, posing, movement, body mechanics, and form. It is the foundation course that I teach to professional artists in the animation industry.”

We’ll let you know as soon as it launches so you can get your copy. Check out the book’s official website to learn more.

Study of Pose – 1000 Poses of Coco Rocha

Next week this massive tome of photography will be released.


As the title suggests there’s 1000 poses, but there’s also an app included with the book that you can use to view each pose from every conceivable angle.


This is a considerable resource for those studying animation and gesture drawing or virtually any other artistic endeavor for that matter. While there’s an incredible variety of poses to study, it is currently limited to just the one model. Hopefully more books like this are on the horizon that feature different models with a variety of body types.