Taught by a Pro – Review

I recently took a Character Design class at Taught by a Pro, and wanted to share my experience with you. Here’s the trailer for the class I took:

I chose Tom’s class because I own both of his books on Character Design, and the only thing that was missing was actually watching him draw. There’s something about watching another artist’s process that can’t be matched in any book. My schedule is pretty busy, but the price and time commitment of the courses offered on the site make it very achievable no matter what kind of schedule you have. At $10 a course there’s really nothing getting in your way if you can spare a few hours.

The class was split into two lectures. In each lecture Tom gives thorough explanation of his process in designing characters for clients. From gathering reference to initial sketches, down to creating a design he considers acceptable to pitch to your client. He also talks about communicating with your client and how to help them help you give them what they want. Between each lecture you’re challenged to follow his lead and design your own characters. Once you’re finished you can upload them and move onto the next lecture.  


Unlike most online classes you will not receive assignment feedback from your instructors, but unlike most online classes it doesn’t cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. These classes are perfect for people that want to test the waters, brush up on their skills, or who just love watching the masters at work and gaining insight into how they make it look so easy. I plan to take quite a few more classes as time permits.  I highly recommend you do the same. :)