‘Duet’ Released on Moto X/Moto G


Duet was released on Moto X and Moto G phones last night at midnight. With the release, Glen Keane has written a blog entry on Motorola’s site on the making of his Oscar nominated short film.

Throughout my 40 year career as an animator I have benefitted each time new technology crossed my path because it invariably forced me to become a better artist. In a similar way, Duet has stretched all of us creatively who worked on it.

If you don’t have either platform (Moto X or G), you can view the non-interactive version Motorola released earlier this year. However, having personally worked on the first short (Windy Day), I can tell you viewing these films in their native format is a must. The ability to control the camera as the audience re-defines what makes cinematic gems like this a viewing experience.

Food Flix – The Royal Taterbaums

Food Flix is a blend of stop-motion and 2D animation, created by the Affolter brothers, putting fruits and veggies in the starring roles of memorable movie scenes. Nathan Affolter writes,

“The first season will consist of 3 episodes and 3 behind-the-scenes, which we’ll be releasing every other Friday starting November 14th on our new YouTube channel, Comedy Blender.”