Acting Reference: Mute It

Here’s tip I often use to see how my animation is working. Turn off the sound. By muting the audio it really forces you to focus on the characters acting/emotions. It shouldn’t just be the audio that tells us what the characters are saying/thinking, it should also be their body langues, gestures, facial expressions, etc, etc. Here’s a video I made that really showcases this. It goes through some clips from movies/tv, but without any audio. Notice how you still fully understand the emotions the characters are feeling & are still able to follow along with whats going on. If you’re working on an animation, try muting it and see if you can still understand what the characters are thinking/feeling.

Bulb – Teaser

Bulb is Radicle Animation’s first in-house produced short animated film. It tells the funny and yet intriguing story of Doctor Ed, the inventor of the first ever time travel machine. But when Dr. Ed sends his loyal assistant Looee away through time and space, Looee doesn’t return as happy as he left off. This triggers Looee to destroy a crucial part of Dr. Ed’s machine. Which, on his turn, he needs to replace. By doing this Dr. Ed didn’t calculate the consequences that will occur…