Why Jurassic Park is Amazing and the Sequels Suck

Jurassic is about two people getting ready to start a family. A simple story, within a high concept environment. It’s not about dinosaurs, not really. Spielberg’s use of subtext, archetype, allegory, symbolism, and other story telling tools, grounds the film into a relatable journey for the audience. Watch Mike Hill’s brilliant breakdown of the film below:

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Give Away! They Drew As They Pleased: Volume 2

91KbiZ9ZxJLDidier Ghez is back with another beautiful volume of They Drew As They Pleased. As he revealed in our last interview, this volume focuses on the 1940’s and Disney’s musical years. Featured artists include Kay Nielsen, Sylvia Holland, Retta Scott, and David Hall. These books will inspire in equal measure, both the Disney history buff and the animation enthusiast that merely buys these books for the art. Either way, there’s no shortage of inspiration within. To celebrate the release, Chronicle Books is giving away a copy to one lucky On Animation reader. All you have to do to be eligible is follow us Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Pinterest and share this post. A winner will be chosen Friday, September 9th. Good luck!

Update: Didier was on Marketplace talking about this period in Disney history and the release of his new book.  Continue reading below for a sneak peek at the variety of art work in this volume.
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