Caveman Cartooning Videos

My efforts of learning how to draw extend not only to studying different techniques of actual drawing, but also literally how people draw. That is, how they hold the pencil throughout the process of drawing. Where do they grip the pencil? What angle do they hold it at? How hard are they pressing? These questions and more are ones I’ve studied Pete Emslie’s videos for the answers to. It’s just a little detail I think might improve my ability. Anything to make drawing a little easier right? And if you watch Pete’s old videos, he makes the process look exactly that, easy.

Pete’s finally got some more videos, and they are great! If you like them too, I would encourage you to let him know by commenting on his blog. It’s the only way he’ll clue in and make it a regular thing. Here’s the first part of his video. Click here to go to his blog and watch the second video.