Starting Point

One of the many nuggets of inspiration from Starting Point by Hayao Miyazaki:

Sometimes budding animators write to me or visit me at home. They usually bring along some drawings. Uncertain of their own talent but full of hope for their future, they come with a lot of anguish. Whenever I see this, I am reminded that there is a certain shamelessness in such uncertainty and impatience, but that is what youth is all about. Youth isn’t just about running pell-mell at the son yelling, “Damn it all to hell!” Youth is about asking yourself who you are, what you can accomplish. It is about fervently drawing pictures every day, on the one hand thinking, “They’re all right, I’ve got something here,” and on the other hand wondering if your work will be accepted by others, and worrying that it may all be and illusion and that you really don’t have any talent at all. This anguish in the midst of uncertainty and impatience is what youth is all about. I would like all of you to fully experience your youth and have a lot of ambition.