Help Didier

I’ve been transcribing interviews for Didier Ghez and his Walt’s People series for about a year now. I do it because I have a passion for animation history, and I want to be part of his incredible book series. As Didier would say, it’s up to us to “re-write Disney history.” I don’t care about money or credit. I can see there’s a ton of history to unearth and I really want to know what’s there.

I’m not on the front lines making the discoveries like Didier, but I’m helping deliver it to the masses. And that makes me happy. If this is something you’d like to do as well, get in contact with him and start transcribing an interview. He has ones of all shapes and sizes. Start with something small. If you hate it, don’t do it anymore. If you love hearing the voices instead of reading the transcriptions, like me, you’ll be hooked. Then you can request your favorite artists, and the real meaty interviews. There’s SO MUCH that hasn’t been printed yet. SO MUCH that isn’t part of the collective consciousness regarding animation history. Be a part of bringing it to light.

I transcribe in my spare time. So I might do an interview a month if I’m lucky. That’s all I have time for. I intend on being a damn good artist someday, and I have my own work to do. An interview probably takes me 2-4 hours to transcribe, which I do 20-minutes at a time over the course of a few days. It’s not hard work. It is extremely helpful. I urge you to volunteer a few hours of your time.