The Don Bluth Collection of Animation

The Don Bluth Collection of Animation came to the Savannah College of Art and Design as a donation from Don Bluth and Gary Goldman in fall of 2005. The collection consists of cels, animation drawings, storyboards, color models, and other materials created by Don Bluth Productions and later incarnations of this company in the creation of animated features and video games between 1979 and 2000. Also included in the collection are administrative, legal, and other documents, as well as scripts, concepts, and publicity related materials. The studio operated in both the United States and Ireland, and was, at various times, affiliated with other production companies. A preliminary inventory was completed by summer of 2006 and processing began in fall of that same year. Though the processing of the collection will continue for many years, materials already processed are available to researchers now. Presented here are selections from various animated features, concepts, and video games in the collection. The materials are divided by feature titles.

Robert Welsh e-mailed me about this incredible find. He’s even started creating pencil tests from the PDFs: