Smear / Multiples Reference

Starting on page 194 of Eric Goldberg’s, Character Animation Crash Course, there’s a few pages devoted to handling smear/multiples frames in your animation. These pages came in handy for a recent assignment I did at Animation Mentor. I ended up compiling a small reel with some of the examples that Eric mentions in the book.  The Dover Boys short seems to be the classic example cited when animators talk about using smears, so examples from that short were not included, as you can find multiple posts on the internet analysing those frames, like this one and this one. While smears/multiples should be used sparingly, and are considered a cheap gimmick by some, it sure is a lot of fun to frame through these videos and see all the zany stuff that’s going on that we don’t really notice when we watch them at speed. I figured I’m probably not alone when I say this, and so I’m sharing the reels with you now.