Rhino House

I recently signed up for Rhino House to better study creature locomotion. It was recommended by fellow animators with lots of creature experience. The best part about the site is that it’s not just a catalog of animal videos from around the internet, but rather a tailor made (for animators) collection of specific videos on behavior, locomotion, and subtleties with a built in set of tools for analyzing the motion frame by frame.

Check out the following videos for an overview of the site and its features:

At Rhino House we provide animation references and tools created by animators for animators.
Rhino House is a vast reference library, a dynamic ebook, and a set of cutting edge tools for students, educators, and professionals in the animation industry. We have everything from bouncing balls to human walk cycles male and female, to animal motion and behavior, to facial expressions. It’s an ever growing database that will help animators achieve today’s industry standards. In fact, Rhino House reaches beyond just animation and is useful for rigging and modeling as well. Our resource hub is currently tapped by many film and game studios all around the world, and used by both online and traditional schools. Rhino House is where animators go to discover a better way to video reference.

There’s already a huge collection of videos on the site for both humans and a variety of animals, but something tells me this is only the beginning. Stop by and sign up to support this amazing project and help it grow. Use the coupon code “onanimation” and receive 50% off a one year subscription!