Windy Day

Last year I had the good fortune to work along some of my heroes in the animation world on an interactive short film project called, “Windy Day.” Lots of articles and videos have appeared online already, so I figured I’d chime in as well. One of the short’s key artists, Mark Oftedal, recently posted some of his character designs online. I wish there was an art of book I could promote, as Mark along with Jon Klassen, and many others contributed some incredible art to this project.

The short was created for the Motorola X Phone. Below you can watch the short in its entirety. Keep in mind this is a recording of one user’s experience. Every viewing is different as the user is encouraged to explore the environment and doesn’t always follow the main characters (they’re not always staged effectively in this recording).

Watching the film on a blog pales in comparison to watching it on the platform it was designed for as you can see in the following video. The end of the ad shows a clip from the sequence I animated.

Windy Day was just the beginning. Some of the original team returned for the sequel, while the new technology has attracted artists like Glen Keane to get involved on future shorts. This is just the ground floor and I look forward to seeing where artists of Glen’s ability can take this platform.