‘Duet’ by Glen Keane

When I was animating on Windy Day, we heard rumors that Glen Keane was blown away by our short, and was interested in working on one of his own. Today Google ATAP revealed Glen’s work to the world, the third Spotlight Stories short from Google ATAP. It’s nothing short of break-taking.

Watch the entire theatrical version of the short below, but I urge you to do whatever you can to experience it on the platform it was designed for. Like Windy Day, it’s not meant to be merely watched, but experienced.

Keep reading below for a 20 minute behind the scenes clip, which includes the short again (You’ll want to watch it again), an official press release, and production stills.


Acclaimed animator Glen Keane unveiled a first look at his latest and most personal project to date, DUET, as part of a special ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) Session this morning at the Google I/O Conference in San Francisco, California. Presented together with Regina Dugan, who leads the ATAP group, Glen gave a live demonstration and talk through the creative process behind DUET.

Animated in its entirety and directed by Glen Keane (former Disney animator and creator of such beloved characters as Ariel, Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Tarzan and Rapunzel), DUET tells the story of Mia and Tosh and how their individual paths in life weave together to create an inspired duet. The unique, interactive nature of the story allows the viewer to seamlessly follow the journey of either of the two characters from birth to adulthood.


DUET is the third in a series of Spotlight Stories, which is a new way of telling stories on mobile devices. The stories blend world-class artistry with innovative rendering and interaction technology for mobile to create a new canvas for the next generation of storytelling. DUET is the first traditionally animated, hand-drawn film to debut as a Spotlight Story. The film offers a glimpse into what’s possible on mobile devices, a rich, modern canvas for creative expression and immersive works of art and technology. DUET will officially launch later this year and will be available on all capable devices with proper hardware capabilities and OS version higher than Android 4.2.