Animated Spirit by James Chiang

Veteran animation artist, James “JC” Chiang, has started a blog called, “Animated Spirit“.

James writes:

It’s about the art and craft of animation and the artists that make it a daily part of their lives. It’s inspired by the writings of Robert Henri, and his magnum opus, the Art Spirit. Topics will include all things animation related and it’s creative siblings, from film and fine art to illustration and comics. We will talk to and profile some of the most inspiring artists in the industry, both upcoming young talent and established veterans. Overall, it’s born out my love for the art and the joy I’ve gotten from being a part of the creative process and the lives of the creators that I’ve worked with. Animation is such a comprehensive art form, that there is no other single art form like it and I wanted to assemble a place for analysis, demonstration and sharing of ideas for inspiration and learning.

It’s off to a great start already, and I’m looking forward to future posts. This is one you’ll want to bookmark people.