Red Origins – Kickstarter

Red Origins is a show that follows Obi, Temi and John as they mystically get transported to Neo Africa in 2070. Upon arrival they mistakenly break a bronze taboo and are forced to join a Peacekeeping Magical Juju Force. In order to return home they must help stop a brewing war between Ancestral Africa and Neo Technological Africa. It is spell casting magical juju daggers versus energy wave cannons; which side will you take?

Alan Dean Foster, head writer of the past and now current Star Wars Movies is apart of the writing team. Red Origins is going to be Futuristic tech base on prototype, and theoretical tech of today against Ancestral Magic base on researched African tribalism and Folklore.

Based on the footage I’ve seen so far, this looks promising. It reminds me of the magical world of The Last Airbender, but instead takes its origins from African culture, magic, and lore. It’s like nothing I’ve seen before in an animated series. Projects like this need to see the light of day in order to expand the scope of animated film and television. It will in turn inspire creators from new places with new perspectives. Good luck to the team behind this!ec9fb3ec1f0aa9106b7a408f027ccc78_original