Toon Talks Podcast with Dale Baer


One of the most talented and endearing people in animation, Dale hardly needs an introduction… A student of the Nine Old Men, towards the end of the golden age of animation, his forty years the in the industry has seen him to supervise Yzma, in Emperor’s New Groove, Alameda Slim and Junior in Home on the Range, Wilbur in Meet the Robinson’s, and Owl, in Winnie the Pooh. The list of movies and commercials he has worked on, is the longest list of anyone’s I’ve seen!!

We discuss his career and the changes he has seen in the industry, including the change over from the Nine Old Men and the turn of films, from traditional animation to CG animation. For me, this chat was delightful and insightful. I hope it is for you too! Listen here or click on the image – Enjoy.