3D Total Publishing – Review

3D Total was kind enough to send me a selection of books from their library for review purposes. I’m thoroughly impressed and inspired with the quality of the books they’ve sent me, so I’m compelled to share and recommend them with you.

Digital Art Masters is an ongoing series celebrating the best CG Artists and Painters around the world. Each volume features around 50 artists, and each artist gets their own spread to give readers an glimpse into their process and personality. I’m blown away by the technical artistry displayed in these spreads. Digital art is getting better every day, so having these on your shelf will not only keep you inspired every year, but will actually chronicle the history of the industry as well.

Digital Painting Techniques is a series that evolves with the industry, showcasing the latest tools and techniques of today’s best digital painters, concept artists, and illustrators working in film, television, and games. This series has its finger on the pulse of the industry. As production artists evolve with their respective studio’s deadlines and constraints, new techniques and painting styles are created. This information is passed among artists as they travel from studio to studio, and online in forums. This series attempts to bring the best of them together in a new book each year. Highly recommended.


A spread from Digital Art Masters Volume 9

Sketching from the Imagination is a unique series. Like the others, it also features around 50 artists, but the content is what’s different here. It features all the rough sketches and blue sky drawings from top concept artists. This is he stuff you rarely get to see. In addition, each artist breaks down their thought process, and talks about where they found the inspiration for the sketches showcased. This is where you get to see how an artist thinks. Very cool.

There’s a lot more to choose from in their library, so if you need a little creative boost, check out what they have to offer.