Brian Ferguson – Animation Portfolio

Veteran Animator, Brian Ferguson, shares his traditional and CG animation work with insightful commentary. For more of Brian’s inspiring work, stop by his official site.


Mickey Jam


Eric Goldberg started this film for fun. A bunch of us animators contributed. All the bits go attached end to end, beginning with Eric’s own work. We were all in the dark about what the others had done, except for the single connecting drawing between each person’s work. Together they make a long single scene with a bunch of different little stories to it.



It was a mad scramble to put this animation before Jeffrey Katzenberg in time to convince him to use a hula instead of “John Travolta style” disco.



Andreas Deja didn’t want to animate the mouse in this sequence. Remembering I’d done zoology, he suggested that I do it. Rob Minkoff, directing this sequence let me take what time I needed in the opening shot. I’m very grateful to both Andreas and Rob.

Rhino Loses It


The process for this small sequence was very painful for many reasons. Still, it’s one of my favourite moments in the movie.
I animated this with much help and direction from all the animation supervisors on Bolt.
Also, in one screening, John Lasseter commented that the scene in which Rhino points at Mittens is a Mittens scene. This changed the angle on Rhino from contorted in order to show his face in the scene to one of a view from behind, which made the scene infinitely easier to animate.