Give Away: Anatomy for 3D Artists

3D Total is back with another outstanding title, Anatomy for 3D Artists: The Essential Guide for CG Professionals. This book is absolutely packed with illustrations and reference material. It’s a complete anatomy resource on a foundation level, covering the entire muscle and skeletal systems for both males and females, as well as the differences in their scale and proportion. There’s also gallery of anatomical studies by top artists to reference when you get stuck or need inspiration.

This is where most anatomy books end, but as this one is geared towards digital artists, the next two thirds of the book cover digitally sculpting every part of the human form (in many different body types) from the archetypal figure to busty female, to the body building male. The final sections cover good topology and how to achieve efficient resolution and line flow in your models, and present a gallery of top digital sculpts with anatomical overlays. Check out the video below for more on this great resource:


3D Total will be giving away one free copy to our readers for Christmas. For your chance to win simply follow us on Facebook or Twitter and share this post. The lucky winner will be selected on Christmas eve. Good luck!