Five Effects Laden Gobelins Shorts

Jack and the Mysterious Lost Orb

After stealing the celestial Orb, Jack tries to escape away from the Sacred Object’s Gardien.

Directed by Pierre-Marie ADNET, Coralie BRUSCHI, Mylène COMINOTTI, Marion COUDERT, and Valentin LUCAS

The Trail

During the Seven Year’s War, a young Mohawk is chased by a group of british colons.

Directed by Julie Bousquet, Arthur Chaumay, Vincent Rouzière, Andreï Sitari, and Alessandro Vergonnier

Phase M

Mars, 2035. The daily wearout overtires the space’s station crew. The anger of one of the members arises, there is no other choice but to conceal it, in order to preserve the apparently cohesiveness of the team.

Directed by Kajika AKI , Fabien CORRE, Jean-Luc DESSERTAINE, Kevin PHUNG, and Manon SERDA

A Night Away

Nicole, a Sheriff living in Bethel town, Alaska, is called on an accident scene. In the middle of her burn-out, fears get materialized.

Directed by Maya AV-RON, Sixtine DANO, Joël DURAND, Thibault LECLERCQ, and Tristan POULAIN


Two young women. One of them symbolizes peacefulness, the other is full of aggressive energy. Together they break the boundaries of their bodies to set their inner powers free, by transforming themselves through a tribal dance. HECATE has found its inspiration with the rythm of Kenji Kawai’s music for “Ghost in the Shell 2, Innocence”, for whom this exercice is a tribute.

Directed by Maïlis COLOMBIE, Estelle HOCQUET, Catherine MANESSE, Justine THIBAULT, and Marine VARGUY