Episode 2: Nick Bruno

My guest is this episode is Blue Sky Studios Supervising Animator, Nick Bruno. Nick is highly regarded throughout the industry and especially at Blue Sky where he’s made his mark on every film since Ice Age 2. In this episode we talk about how he got his start in the industry, his journey to Animation Supervisor, and much more.


Show Notes

Nick was mentored by Mike Walling.

Animators Nick mentions in this episode:

  • Hans Dastrup
  • Pete Paquette
  • Melvin Tan
  • Scott Carroll
  • Jeff Gabor
  • Dave Torres
  • Mark C. Harris
  • Paul Downs
  • Leif Jeffers
  • Wes Mandell
  • Juan Carlos Navarro
  • Aaron Hartline
  • Galen Chu
  • Mike Thurmeier

At the 34:00 mark, Nick talks about making huge strides on one of his first shots on Ice Age 2, where Sid gets farted on:

At the 42:50 mark, Nick talks about one of his favorite animation shots from The Secret of NIMH:

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Thanks to Bonny Báez for creating the background music.