Episode 4: BJ Crawford

My guest for episode four is BJ Crawford. BJ is an enormously talented individual. He’s been a huge source of inspiration for me since I first discovered his work over six years ago. A lot of us are traditional animators at heart, but BJ is that rare animator that’s blazing a traditional animation trail in today’s animation scene. I’ve had many nerdy animation conversations with BJ in the past few months, but I’m happy say that this one is the most inspiring and in depth of them all.

In this episode BJ talks about getting started in advertising, the unsung mentors that taught him the most, taking nine months off work to hone his craft, and much more. I’m thrilled to share with you my interview with BJ Crawford.

Show Notes

  • For more on BJ, check out his Instagram and Vimeo pages
  • BJ went to school at Sheridan
  • This is the pencil test I mention at the beginning of the podcast:

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Thanks to Bonny Báez for creating the background music.