Episode 7: Allison Rutland

My guest for episode seven is Pixar Animation Studios Animator, Allison Rutland. In this episode, we talk about Allison’s early career, pushing herself after hours to land a job at Pixar, and winning an Annie Award in 2016. We also talk about her biggest artistic influences, dig into the craft of acting, and discuss her inspirations for animating Riley in Inside Out. There’s a lot to love about this episode, I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

Make sure you read the show notes below as you listen. We talk about several film scenes which I’ve included below for your convenience.

Show Notes

Finding Chia is a short film Allison completed at Sheridan College:

Allison’s 2009 Animation Reel landed her a job at Pixar:

At 35:40 Allison mentions this shot (by Doug Sweetland) being one of her favorites animated performances:

At 39:50 Allison mentions using this scene from Whale Rider for reference when animating the emotional scenes of Riley in Inside Out:

Stop by Allison’s website to keep up to date on all her latest projects. Send in your questions for future episodes via TwitterFacebook, or our Contact page.

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Thanks to Bonny Báez for creating the show’s background music.