Learn Animation from John Celestri

Veteran Animator, John Celestri, has adopted the moniker, “John the Animator Guy,” for his new YouTube channel, where he’s passing on his vast knowledge of the craft. John’s been working in the industry since 1975, and has amassed an incredible body of work in traditional animation.

John animated the entire commercial below (as well as three variants for other classic villains) for the now defunct Canadian department store, Zellers.

John’s draftsmanship and animation make this one of the most appealing scenes in the cult classic, Rock and Rule. The film was Canada’s first animated feature.

John even animated Boba Fett in the Star Wars Holiday Special.

With his new training series, John’s starting from the basics, and his first lesson covers the principle of Squash and Stretch. Make sure you subscribe and show your support for this master animator.