Vokabulantis Brings Stop Motion Aesthetic to Indie Gaming

Vokabulantis is an indie game in development that uses stop-motion animation and Unity to bring a very hand crafted feel to the indie game scene.

The game is a one player game, in which you control Kurt and Karla. Each of them have their special forces. You can switch between Kurt and Karla, whenever you like, but you need both of them to solve the puzzles of the game.¬†As a genre, the game is a mix between a poin’t’click adventure (eg Machinarium) and a puzzle platformer (eg Little Big Planet) and a game like The Cave, that also focuses on cooperation between the game characters to solve puzzles.

Stop motion Animator Frej Bengtsson shares this reel of Karla locomotion:

For more info, including a behind the scene video, check out the Vokabulantis website.