Raf Anzovin is Making CG Animation Fun

CG Animation can often drown artists in technical limitations both in terms of software (Maya) and methodology. Things are getting better, as studios have begun pushing new boundaries in rigging, design aesthetic, and limited animation with films like The Lego Movie, Captain Underpants, and Into the Spider-Verse. But things can always be better, and after reading Raf Anzovin’s latest post, you can plainly see just how much better they can be, and just how limited we are by heavy and outdated software like Maya.

His post is a compilation of sorts, a culmination of many months of work trying to figure out a better way to animate, keeping animators focused on their craft and not distracted by these aforementioned limitations. As a CG Animator, it’s exciting to see his progress and I for one would be quick to adopt these tools and forget the status quo work flow. Raf writes:

I’m not trying to come up with algorithmic methods to take more of the burden of defining motion on the software, using simulation or procedural animation. I am, in fact, moving in the exact opposite direction. I’m attempting to remove all the red tape from the process, so that the animator is left with only the most direct methods of interacting with the character possible. This is essential for the fast/high production value animation process that is my long-term goal.

You can see some of his results below, but I encourage you to check out his blog to see the full effect of what he’s trying to accomplish and share and support this if you’re on board. 🙂