Borja Montoro Shares Beautiful Rough Animation for ‘There’s a Rang-tan In My Bedroom’

We’re giving Passion Animation Studios a lot of (much deserved) love today. Veteran Animator, Borja Montoro, has recently uploaded this gem to his Vimeo account, and shares insight with us on the project. He animated the entire short himself over five weeks. Borja writes:

I did a first hyper rough pass on everything to have an idea of how it’d work and once I got the ok from the guys at Salon Alpin and Passion Pictures, I did most of the touch ups as well. And also a lots of in-betweens too.

I must say I had a lot of freedom given from Lip and Simon, who shared theirs ideas with me, and were open to listen to whatever I could add to the narrative of the short from the very beginning. It was pretty much about removing one shot, and adding some more footage to another to extend the length of it and get more entertainment. Great team to work with.

There’s a Rang-tan In My Bedroom was directed by Lip Comarella and Simon Greisser, and produced by Janet Smith. Daniel Damm colored the characters, and Marc Valls and Pablo Miró helped Borja with final touch up and in-betweens on the rough animation.