Justin Rasch Gives Blizzard the Gift of Stop Motion Magic

Working out of a garage, a small team of artists led by, Justin Rasch, created this holiday spot for Blizzard Entertainment. Justin animated most of the shots himself. Full credits listed below. Justin writes:

I left LAIKA 3 years ago, leaving stop-motion behind, to work in CG. I would have never guessed that I would end up doing stop-motion for a CG studio.

I did 44 of the 50 shots myself, but my good buddy, Eric Urban, who I worked with on ParaNorman, helped me finish it.
Director /Animator/Writer – Justin Rasch
Art Director/Writer – Shel Wagner Rasch
DP- Matt – Matthew Philip Hazelrig
Puppets – Liz Allen
Puppets – Yu Yu
Co – Animator – Eric Urban
Producer – Emily S. Hsu
Editor – Nathan Schauf
Composer – Adam Burgess
Update: Here’s a new behind the scenes video!