Why Jurassic Park is Amazing and the Sequels Suck

Jurassic is about two people getting ready to start a family. A simple story, within a high concept environment. It’s not about dinosaurs, not really. Spielberg’s use of subtext, archetype, allegory, symbolism, and other story telling tools, grounds the film into a relatable journey for the audience. Watch Mike Hill’s brilliant breakdown of the film below:

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Saving Mr. Banks: Script to Screen

Director John Lee Hancock and writer Kelly Marcel discuss how the script for Saving Mr. Banks was successfully transformed onto the screen using heavily stylized elements, and musical cues from the classic film Mary Poppins to depict the life of author PL Travers during the 1960’s.

Script Notes – Whiplash Scene Analysis

Script Notes is a podcast hosted by screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin. A co-worker let me know about this episode after I talked about my love for the film, Whiplash. John and Craig take an in-depth look at two scenes in the film to see how conflicts were structured — and what changed from script to shooting. The discussion starts at the 14:35 mark.

J.K. Simmons – Whiplash