The Visual Development Art of Zootopia

While you’re waiting for your copy of The Art of Zootopia to arrive, don’t miss the plethora of amazing visual development art being posted online by the film’s artists:

Cory Loftis


Shiyoon Kim


Borja Montero

Babycat packet3

Nick Orsi


Armand Serrano

Scott Watanabe


The Art of Cécile Carre

Cécile Carre is an extremely talented student at Gobelins, specializing in Visual Development and Character Design. For much more of her amazing work, visit her blog, Tumblr, and portfolio.

The Art & Flair of Mary Blair

Mary Blair was the queen of visual development and one of the most influential animation artists in history. I stumbled upon this featurette dedicated to her artistic genius. If you’re not familiar with her (gasp), do yourself a favor and watch.