‘Borrowed Time’ by Andrew Coats & Lou Hamou-Lhadj

A weathered Sheriff returns to the remains of an accident he has spent a lifetime trying to forget. With each step forward, the memories come flooding back. Faced with his mistake once again, he must find the strength to carry on. For more info, visit the official website. Some really stunning work all around, congrats to all involved!

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‘My Dear Gnome’ by Emmanuelle & Julien

A hilarious short about a game of checkers between an unlikely pair of opponents, each with their own unique strategy on how the game should be played. Produced through Hornet and Fieldtrip partners ChezEddy by Emmanuelle & Julien.

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‘The Unlikely Hero’ directed by Guilherme Marcondes

What happens when a big corporation realizes the environmental effects of its own practices?

Lobo produced this short film with a bold premise: Let’s be honest about who our client was to highlight the power of the change for a good cause. Two decades ago Interface, a leading carpet tile design and fabrication company, started to change its polluting manufacturing practices. In 2006 they announced their goal to become a zero impact operation by 2020. Despite having won awards and recognition from several specialized institutions, Interface’s history haven’t been told to the large public, until now:

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