The Simpsons – Rick and Morty Couch Gag

This is one of the longest, and most entertaining Simpson’s Couch gag’s I’ve seen. The Hollywood Reporter has a nice interview with Matt Groening about the opening, which was animated by Bardel Entertainment.

Duckman – Un-aired Pilot with Commentary

Duckman was one of my favorite shows of the mid-nineties. It really stood out from the pack with it’s noir inspired style, adult themes, incredible voice talent, and twisted humor. Everett Peck, the show’s creator, along with voice talent Gregg Berger, provide the commentary for this un-aired pilot episode. It’s a mish-mash of finished and unfinished shots. In it, Peck talks about the challenges of creating the show, how he changed Duckman’s design after this episode, and many more inspiring topics. Highly recommended!

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